About Us
Our Mission...

The mission of Maple Grove Preschool is to show God's love to children and families by building a solid foundation for lifelong learning. 

Our Program...

We offer classes for children ages two to six years of age. Maple Grove Preschool opportunities for imaginative play, art & music, math & science, large & fine motor skill development, social and spiritual growth. Our program includes a balance of structured and self-directed activities. Children are encouraged in their strengths, and recognized for their uniqueness. We desire to help establish in each child a positive self-image, a love of learning, and an ability to express ideas and emotions in a positive way. Above all, we teach our children to honor and respect one another and all of God's creation.  We like to say that at Maple Grove Preschool it is where faith, academics, and nurture meet hand in hand.

What We Offer...
  • Developmentally appropriate programs according to PA Early Learning Standards.
  • More teachers per student than required by the state of Pennsylvania.
  • Teachers that are caring and intentional, educated or experienced in Child Development and Early Childhood Education.
  • Music, science, cooking, art projects and field trips.
  • A pre-kindergarten program, including Heggerty Phonemic Awarness.
  • A safe, fenced play yard with playground equipment.
  • Biblical integration into every part of the learning environment.
Classes Available for 2024-2025:
  • Little Bears (age 2 by September 1st- 3 years) 2 day program
  • Winkie Bears (age 3 by September 1st- 4 years) 2 and 3 day program
  • Peter Pandas (age 4 by September 1st- 5 years) 2 and 3 day program
Our Goals...
  1. To discover and nurture the needs of each child, and to instill love and faith in God and his Son, Jesus.
  2. To encourage each child to realize that everyone is special, with rights and feelings.
  3. To provide each child the opportunity to gain self confidence for making independent choices in meaningful play and learning activites that engage the child's curiosity.
  4. To stimulate large muscle skills through physical activities and group games, and to develop the motor skills and hand/eye coodination through developmentally appropriate writing opportunities and art projects. 
  5. To instill a love of learning and encourage good listening skills through early literacy  by reading books, developing early writing skills, experiencing phonemic awareness with rhyming activities, and exposure to poetry,  and music appreciation.
  6. To introduce early math and science skills by providing sorting, matching, measuring and counting activities, and an appreciation of nature through observation and experience.