Peter Panda - Pre K

Peter Panda 
This Peter Panda class is for children who will turn four years of age by September first.
This is a pre-kindergarten classroom with a delicately blended balance of play and academics with the goal of preparing each child for today's rigorous kindergarten environments. 

Children in the Peter Panda class enjoy carefully prepared centers, along with both child-directed and teacher-directed instruction. Peter Panda provides an early-childhood educational environment full of joy and interaction with caring teachers.  The children enjoy a developmentally-appropriate environment.  Art, music, play and movement are all an integral part of the learning process in the Peter Panda classroom. Our teachers  provide intentional learning opportunities that reflect a sincere concern for every child's physical, social/emotional/ cognitive/ language and spiritual growth.

The Handwriting Without Tears® curriculum is used in this class for handwriting and literacy. The Kid Writing® concepts of beginning writing are integrated into the curriculum with individualized attention and journal writing as part of the learning experience. Bible stories are carefully integrated within each classroom theme. 

The Heggerty Pre-Kindergarten Phonemic Awareness Curriculum is used in the Peter Panda Class.  With this curriculum the students will be learning:  rhyming, phoneme isolation, blending, segmenting and manipulation. They will practice early literacy skills including building alpahbet knowledge and language awareness. 

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