Peter Panda PreK-GREEN

 This Peter Panda class is also pre-kindergarten classroom with a smaller ratio of learners per teacher. Parents find that many children are not ready for the demands of today's rigorous kindergarten classrooms, and having an extra year of growing is a gift to their child.  We have provided this "growing year" for many years and found that children grow strong academically, emotionally, physically, socially and spiritually during this year. They are given a strong foundation that helps them be able to succeed in kindergarten.

This class meet five mornings a week (with a three day option for those desiring it) for a three hour program.  Learners in this class enjoy carefully prepared centers that promote a balance between play and academics.  Children enjoy a developmentally appropriate environment with caring teachers who provide intentional lessons with sincere concern for their growth. 

All of the learning content areas of math, literacy, writing, science, history and Bible are integrated into the daily lessons.  Early literacy is emphasized throughout every theme of instruction as writing journals are used regularly.  Music and art are creative expressions that flow freely in all of our classes at Maple Grove.  The Handwriting Without Tears® curriculum is used in this classroom to help children develop their fine motor skills and handwriting proficiency.  The concepts of STEAM (Science, technology, engineering, art and math) are carefully integrated throughout the learning process in this Pre-K classroom.

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